MWGR – February 2022 Update

Hello All,

Wow. Welcome to 2022. Move With GR (MWGR) had quite a first year. I am incredibly touched by the community, and survivor support for our little gig.

We have learned a lot about organizing, getting things done, and supporting each other and community in the process. While it’s been a lot of work, what I appreciate most about MWGR is that with a little intention, with solid connections, with a little bit of sand, we can make things happen for our community. We don’t need a whole lot to make a big impact and when I return to that truth the project, the practice, the intention is a lot more freeing than it is overwhelming.

Everyone at MWGR espouses to do less and rest…and each of struggle with that intention. There is so much suffering in our own little lives and in the many lives of our community members. While MWGR will always work with the dynamic of “What are the needs, desires, asks of the community? And what can we as individuals and a small group tangibly offer?” I am grateful that I’m not alone in that process.

To our participants, to survivors, to our team – thank you.

We keep moving…


Join us for Fridays in February!

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