About Us


MWGR exists to provide accessible trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness programs for communities in Michigan. 


MWGR envisions communities who are empowered to support their individual and collective healing.

MWGR supports the efforts of communities to be free of health and mental health barriers.

MWGR endeavors to honor the voices and bodies of all who join us in practice.

MWGR aspires to provide trauma informed yoga wherever Survivors of Complex Trauma and Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Domestic Violence (DV) or Sexual Assault (SA) are served in Michigan.

MWGR offers yoga and mindfulness programs for the general community including children, teens, adults and older adults, and endeavors to create programs with partners and yoga students to meet their unique needs.


MWGR partners with community agencies to provide in person and virtual programs. Our current partners are community art and music venues, domestic violence and sexual violence agencies, youth development programs, and residential addiction and recovery centers.


Donations make MWGR programs possible. Donations also provide accessible yoga props to Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

About MWGR Team

MWGR’s team is made up of Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) who are certified in Trauma Informed Yoga, mental health clinicians, community artists, and community based small business owners. We are residents of the same communities we serve, and we are committed community advocates. 

Kelley Climie, LLMSW, RYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher) Director

Amanda Fluter, BSW, RYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher) Secretary

Meghann Stamps, (Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher in training) Community Outreach and Treasurer

Liz Campbell LLMSW, RYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher)

Chelsey Kaminisky, RYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher)

Erin Craig, LLMSW, LMT (Dancing Mindfulness)

Leah Schumaker (Trauma Conscious Yoga Teacher in-training and Herbalist)

Octavia Mingerink, Community Advocate and Illustrator of Pretty In Ink Press

Sarah Sun, Co-Owner of BALM Tattooing, Trauma Informed Tattoos Educator

Sal Moreno, Community Advocate, Social Work Student

Explore the rest of our website to learn more. Contact Us with any questions.

Visit us @movewithgr

May you have peace.

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